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Unlike a lot of these things, this one is absolutely true. Also the amount of times Bryan says ‘butt cracks’ in the video about it is very amusing.


Autumn Kitties (via Free Mindflow)



Now this is a story all about how my life got flipped, turned up-side-down,
And I like to take a minute, just sit right there, I’ll tell you how we became Rumple and the Mad Hatter.

In the Enchanted Forest born and raised

In my portal is where I spent most of my days

Cursin’ & Killing and being all malice

Stealing some babies outside of the palace

When this sweet little girl who was kind of a mess

Needed some help to stop being depressed

so I hired this Doctor to bring back the dead

But it was really all a scheme to get her to see red

435/? random favourite pics of Tom

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Noah (2014)


Emma Watson as Ila in ‘Noah’ (2014)

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Brother against Brother. Nation against Nation. Man against Creation. We murdered each other, we broke the World, we did this. Man did this. Everything that was beautiful, everything that was good, we shattered.

Noah (2014)

434/? random favourite pics of Tom

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Those mixed feelings you get when your barely play at all in a piece

New rule: You aren’t allowed to whine about a minimal part if you aren’t good enough to be assigned the first chair part.

I know that the commenter is John Mackey, but I’m really uncomfortable with this sentiment. First of all the player is probably the Bass trombone player, which is a completely different chair that usually have separate auditions. Also, a lower chair doesn’t mean you are worse or better than anyone else. It just means that you are playing that part. Second can be harder that first and requires different skills. First is not better than second. And people need to remember that.

If lower chairs are rubbish, why include their parts in the music? That’s not how orchestras work.




Albus Severus Potter and the curse of the awful name.

"It is our names, Albus, that show which child our parents really hate, far more than our abilities"

I’m adding this one because it’s my favourite 



 if i was really famous id go to madame tussauds and stand really still


the answer of someone who has thought about it at length